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God's shekinah glory ministries

A city not forsaken(Isaiah 60:12)



Every 3rd friday.

Church Service


choir practise at 6pm


Prayer Warriors & Intepreters meet at 6pm


Bible study at 6pm


Divine favour service at 8.00am


Pregnant women & women seeking the fruit of the womb meet at 9am

Counselling and prayer starts at 12noon.

End of the week revival at 6pm.


Choir practise at 2pm


workers prayer at 8am

sunday school at 8:15

praise and worship starts at 9am








26/11/2012 - 2/12/2012...........Revival Sermon:


Genesis 26:15.

The foundation of a lot of problem is the manipulation of the enemies, and it does not matter if you are gentle, kind, generous, sociable or charitable person, its just the way the world has been since the time of Adam's fall, people are jealous of each other for no reason, people hate each other for no tangible reason, people despise, and want to kill each other for no logical reason, ( Psalm 2 :1-3, why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing, The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the lord and His anointed, saying lets us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us)

Here the bible is making it clear that people will always gather together to do evil unto others, because they feel they can and there is nothing their victim can do, they have all the powers since they are the kings of the earth,so we can see why people are cheated and still made to suffer for no offence, that is why children are dying mysteriously, that is why there is so much poverty, hate and strife in the land, and nobody is their brother's keeper anymore, and since a single tree cannot make a forest, since two good heads are better than one, and since the hands can be washed better with the other hand, individuals are having their efforts wasted because there is no one to help them, and shore up their effort, hence everyone became a victim of this pit of wastefulness, and to fill the pit, you have to come meet with jesus in this revival, because all of your help cometh from the lord, see you there. God bless you.

Attend the revival services punctually so as to gain from God's word on a daily basis


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Rev. dr. g.a koledoye (mamafire)



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